Thursday, March 08, 2007

Planning weddings and custom wedding invitation cards

If you are a parent, you will have children. And children grows up, and eventually get married. If you have a grown up child who is going to get married, there are wedding to be planned, and that include getting wedding invitation cards to be designed, printed and sent out.

It is good to have custom wedding invitation cards to be printed, and for this daunting task, Custom Wedding Invitations can help. There are 12 categories of custom wediing cards for you to choose from:

A Wedding
Enchanting Borders
Red Colonial
Recherche - Ecru
All Wrapped Up
Luminous in Lavender
Maple Breeze
Classic Tradition
Butterfly Wishes
The Color Blue
A Wedding
Secret Garden

You can request for a sample of the card, but there will be a charge of $2. If you order 100 cards or more, you will be given free Thank You Notes.