Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Daughters Precious Ballet Shoes

My Daughters Precious Ballet Shoes
by: Morgan Hamilton

I was really glad when my daughter told me during her fifth birthday, that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. It thrilled me to know that I had a true little girl who is not interested in being a tomboy. I enrolled her into some creative dance classes before going into ballet. I was overjoyed when her instructors told me after the first year, that they thought she would be perfect for beginner ballet lessons.

My daughter and I were so excited that we rushed out to buy the outfits that she would need for her ballet classes. My daughter looked so beautiful in her tights that I was literally I was taking pictures of her every few seconds. Then we began to look for ballet shoes. The salesperson was very helpful, but my daughter didn't like the way that the shoes felt on her feet. I tried to explain to her that ballet shoes were supposed to feel that way. I also told her that she has to wear them if she wanted to take ballet classes. My daughter pouted for a few moments and then finally agreed.

She attended her first ballet class after a week. My little girl was all decked out elegantly in her new outfit, but refused to put the ballet shoes on. I had to plead with her for about 15 minutes before I was able to convince her that she could wear sandals and put her shoes on when we arrived. She packed them in her bag, but then she told me that she would be dancing in her sandals. I just sighed and hoped that her teacher can do a better job of convincing her to wear the ballet shoes.

All of the other girls in her class were running around happily in their outfits when we arrived. My daughter removed her sandals but was content to walk around barefoot. I whispered the issue to her ballet teacher, who agreed to deal with it. She approached my daughter and whispered something in her ear. Before I knew it, the ballet shoes were on my daughter’s feet. I was amazed and pleased when I left the room.

My daughter is now in high school and has gone through several pairs of ballet shoes. She is still determined to chase her dream of being a ballerina in the future. I feel very proud and happy whenever I see her carrying those pink ballet shoes to class. Many of my paychecks have been spent on buying her ballet outfits and shoes. But I can tell you that I have never once complained about a single dollar I spent. I still even have that first pair of tiny shoes for ballet that we purchased. They are now sitting on my dresser, next to a picture of my daughter in her first ballet recital.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

What you should avoid as a future parent

This is from personal experience. Because it is from personal experience, and I hope that other parents will avoid the mistakes I made, I am making this a sticky post (one which remain at the top of the main page always). If you want to know how to make a sticky post, surf over to How to make a sticky post (close new window to get back to this page).

When your wife is pregnant, try to keep the relationship good and avoid arguments that may lead to her getting angry. Keep the atmosphere calm and serene. Why do I say this? I have 5 grown up children, and one of them have a very bad temper. If my memory did not fail me, my wife was pregnant with him when we did not have a good relation and there were frequent arguments. My guess was that when one is angry, hormones circulate inside the body, and the same hormones circulate within the foetus. My guess is that this affect the development of the baby and when born, the baby is likely to have a bad temperament. So fathers and father-to-be, keep on good terms with your wife when she is pregnant, for otherwise, it may come back to haunt you with a bad tempered child. Keep the atmosphere calm and serene.

Another example. My sister-in-law lost her first baby due to a blocked intestine. She had other babies after that. I suspect that when she was pregnant with the second one, she was still mourning for the first baby she lost. Of all the children, the eldest always show a sad countenance, unlike the younger ones who are always cheerful.

Also, value education. I have five children. I encouraged the first three to read from young. Then I had some bad experience from thinking too much. (I am a highly educated and thinking person). Too much thinking gave me problems. Also, I have the impression that the more one is educated, the less risks one is prepared to take. So my last too was not brought up the same way the elder three were. I did't emphasise on education as much as I did with the elder three. Now they are grown up, the elder three are doing OK and can take care of themselves. The younger three who are less educated find problems getting good jobs.

Just hope my experience will help you avoid the pitfalls I have allowed myself to fall into.