Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Family safe Reader's Digest online

I used to regularly read Reader's Digest some 30 plus years back and thoroughly enjoyed the articles published in them. You may even say that Reader's Digest had an influence in my life as all the articles are wholesome, family oriented and inspire and motivates. However, over the past few years, many things have changed. The marvelous invention, the World Wide Web and Internet have completely changed the people's (and mine) way of getting the news and stories. I for one have stopped buying the daily printed newspaper and read news online.

So it is a pleasant but not a great surprise to see that my favorite Reader's Digest have gone online. As usual, many of their articles are family oriented, like Reader's Digest tips for parenting children.

Now not only am I a single parent of 5 grown kids, I am also grandfather to one - Lewis Chew, youngest "blogger" in the world, plus grandpa to 2 more soon. So this blog My first grandchild will soon have to change title and become My grandchildren instead.

My grown daughter has become mother herself and if I am not wrong, complained about getting Lewis Chew to sleep. As usual, Reader's Digest have an article for such harassed mom - Help for Sleepless Moms

mother patiently reading to son

Here is another familiar inspiring story or drama from Reader's Digest - Heroes: Day-Care Drama. It is a story of how a brave mom became a heroine and tackled an armed man in a day care center almost single-handed.

Tonight, I am going to tell my daughter that Reader's Digest has joined the online bandwagon and now we are going to get our favorite family safe articles online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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